CRM Michael TaylorFebruary 18, 2016

5 CRM Articles You Must Read This Week

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5 CRM Articles You Must Read This Week

This weekly CRM roundup lists and summarizes the most interesting and productive articles all over the web. Read these 5 great articles and discover valuable answers to some burning questions that I bet you all faced (or still face), such as how to choose a CRM system, and how to know which one is best for you.


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10 Oscar-Worthy CRM Tips that You Must Retweet!

Twitter is a great and useful tool to obtain information concerning many issues, including CRM, and all in under 140 characters. This post lists 10 Oscar-Worthy CRM Twitter tips that definitely deserve to win a prize for being point-on. But until there will be an award for “Best CRM Tweets,” you can always look at this list.


How to Fix a Broken CRM Pipeline

As we all know, CRM contact and account information are valuable to management success. Although, in order to increase the number, quality and value of our company’s deals and to efficiently close them, we still need to improve the quality of the sales pipeline and its efficiency of closing deals.

In this incredible article, David Taber discusses the value of the  CRM pipeline and lists a number of aspects and problems a company’s management should take into consideration and work on to improve, if needed. The bottom line here is that the understanding the CRM pipeline is very important, and even crucial to our business’ success. So even though this article is a bit long, it’s definitely worth your time.


CRM Still a Driving Force for Business Success

Since the customer is “at the center of everything”, so is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This realization has led Shirley Siluk to write this article, claiming that CRM needs to be more than a way to handle queries about products or fielding feedback from clients. In addition, she says, it should be used as a central platform of connection as well as a mean to identify opportunities to increase efficiency in order to generate new leads. Read this great article to show your peers and your boss why CRM should not be perceived as an option but a requirement, because it is the ultimate, principal and driving force for business success.


What is the Best CRM for Your Needs?

There is a pressing need for a CRM in many companies now, because of its multiple and various benefits and advantages.  Many questions are being asked when we are looking for a new CRM tool or platform, and many times people can’t easily find the answers, ending up with the wrong solution for them. Sabel Harris’s article explains magnificently how to choose a CRM and what we need to know in order to make the right and beneficial choice. Harris shares 10 secrets to help us find the best CRM system for our needs. It is well-written and well organized, as well as it provides highly interesting information…

CRM for Banks – Some Cool Tools

In order to boost a company’s sales and gain customer loyalty, banks need a tool that will help them build more durable and longing relationships with their customers. CRM will optimize the interaction with customers and thus build more personalized and trusted relations. This article, by Danny Abramov, lists 4 top CRM tools that suit various businesses in general, but banks in particular. I personally think that we should be familiar with these tools! Worth looking at!