CRM Michael TaylorJune 16, 2014

4 Valuable Ways to Boost CRM User Engagement

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4 Valuable Ways to Boost CRM User Engagement

One of the main goals of any CRM manager is to boost user engagement on the company’s CRM platform. The way the business manages its interactions with customers has a huge effect on sales. If customers are pleased with this interaction, they are likely to develop a long-term relationship with the business.

To cite one example, Gartner research recently said that “customers expect to be supported regardless of channel, yet social media engagement is missing from current CRM customer service contact center products, frustrating chief customer officers and vice presidents of customer support. This will force the evolution of customer engagement centers in 2013.”

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Finding new ways to adapt CRM and customer strategies can play a key role in customer retention and long-term value. Managers and employees alike should appreciate this, and give a helping hand by using the platform properly and without hesitation.

So, in view of all this, let us outline 4 valuable ways that can help you boost your CRM user engagement.


1. What’s in it for me

Each user of the platform needs to appreciate it, and make the best use out of it. Unfortunately, some tend to feel somewhat doubtful, or even fearful. Therefore, it is important that the business makes it a point to inspire confidence in each user, by introducing an easy-to-use CRM platform. Guidelines and help should be made readily available. Moreover, each user should be helped to understand the benefits that such a system has for him/her directly. So, before introducing anything new, it is important to boost users’ confidence by taking the time to explain and simplify things.

2. Boosting overall team productivity by sharing more

The CRM platform should be a foundation for all users to work together by sharing information, and also communicate via the platform. Interactions can be facilitated and greatly improve end results. Thanks to more collaboration, goals can be achieved more easily, and each user can feel a sense of belonging too. This in itself, motivates users even further.

3. Make use of gamification techniques

Gamifying business processes is one of the ways that automatically makes the whole process seem more fun and easy. By making use of such techniques, the business is bound to gain positive results, especially since there will be more participation from the users’ part. Gamification techniques can be the solution to motivate users to make the best use out of the CRM platform. To improve further, many business also combine such techniques with rewards. The final results will improve dramatically, as can be seen from the experiences of several large companies.

4. Ease of use is key

Nobody likes to use something that is difficult to understand. Ease-of-use is thus of utmost importance. The CRM platform needs to be one that is simple and clear. In such a way users will be able to understand how to go about it, and they will automatically be encouraged to use it. Some may think that with a help menu, or a list of guidelines, users will be able to find their way through. But chances are that they are either too busy, or not willing to sift through information. Eventually they will simply give up and not use the system at all. So if you really want to get users to use the platform, you need to make sure that it is easy to use.

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