CRM Michael TaylorApril 12, 2015

4 Cloud Based CRM Solutions You Need to Know

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4 Cloud Based CRM Solutions You Need to Know

When you want to improve your business growth and performance, you need to select the best cloud based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application. This type of app is very useful to help you improve the quality of customer service in your company. You are able to find any types of apps that are available today. Different CRM solutions may have their own features, benefits, and disadvantages. Therefore, you have to compare some of those apps before you choose the best solution for yourself. Here are some recommended cloud CRM apps that are available on the Internet these days.

1. SalesForce

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It is one of the best CRM apps that you can use today. This cloud based CRM is very powerful to support your own business. It can be integrated with other services in your system easily. Because of this reason, it can improve the overall performance of your own business significantly. Because it works based on the cloud system, you are able to open this CRM solution on any mobile devices, including iOS, Android devices, tablets, and many other devices easily. You are able to monitor the growth of your mobile users or regular customers from your own device easily and quickly.

This application is very affordable for most customers. There are several packages that are offered by Salesforce CRM solution. The price for these packages is ranging from $5 to $300 per user every month. Different packages may have their own features and options for all customers. You need to compare some available packages before you select the right option for yourself. This application allows you to monitor all progress in your company, including marketing, sales, service management, and many other important parts in your own company. If you want to have a successful integrated business, you should use this cloud based solution.



2. Oracle Sales Cloud

This is another popular CRM solution that has good reputation among many customers. It has significant portion in the CRM market by holding about 11 percent of the overall CRM customers. This solution offers three main packages, including premium, enterprise, and also standard. Each package has its own benefits and features for supporting all users. This CRM application has intuitive interface on any mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and many other mobile devices. Therefore, you will never have to worry about how you can use this easy CRM application from your own mobile device.

Oracle is still developing this application to add some additional features to this app. This company also combines some other features, such as Compendium marketing platform and also BigMachines CPQ system. Those features are specially purchased from the original creator, in order to improve the performance of the Oracle Sales Cloud. Oracle is planning to add many other features to this application, so they can catch up to SalesForce, as the most popular CRM provided on the marketplace these days. This application allows you to monitor the overall service quality in your own company easily. You can also create complete report from this CRM solution quickly.

3. SugarCRM

Some people are using this CRM solution for supporting their business needs. This application is proven to be very effective for small and medium business owners. It has cloud based version that is suitable for all busy people. When you are interested in this mobile or cloud based application, you can simply download the SugarCRM application on your mobile devices, such as BlackBerry, Android, and also iOS. There are many useful features that you can find from this mobile application, so you are able to manage your own company in your daily life easily.

SugarCRM may not be as complete as SalesForce, but it is good enough for small and medium-sized businesses. You are able to integrate this system with other apps, such as Lotus Notes, Gmail, Outlook, Google Apps, Box, and many other popular apps on your device. When you want to improve the functionality of your SugarCRM application, you can visit SugarExchange. It can be a perfect marketplace for this CRM solution. This marketplace offers any types of features for all customers, including language packs, themes, module extensions, and many other popular features for this app. SugarCRM can be a great cloud based CRM solution for all users.

4. Insightly 

There are many people who love using this application. Most customers are interested in the free version of this software. This CRM solution offers free trial version for all users. This application has more than 350,000 active users from around the world. The free plan is able to support up to three main users. After you are familiar with the system, you can upgrade your membership into your favorite package. There are several membership options that are offered by this company, including Pro, Advanced, and also Starter. Choosing the right package can help you get all benefits from this software.

This CRM solution is very effective to help you improve your business growth and performance easily. You are able to use this software in your company easily. Its mobile application works well in any Android and iOS devices. You can simply download the app from the marketplace before you can start getting all features from this app. This CRM solution can work well with any other applications, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Apps, Evernote, Outlook, Mailchimp, Office 365, and many other popular services on your mobile device. This integrated system can improve your work efficiency and productivity.

When you want to select the best CRM solution, you need to compare some available apps for yourself. You should choose the best application that is good for your needs. Finding the best CRM solution can help you provide the best service for all customers. If you want to grow your own business, you need to learn about how you can provide the best service for your own clients. When it is necessary, you can also hire some specialists to work with your CRM app. Make sure that they are familiar with any cloud based CRM applications in your company, so you are able to grow your business easily.