CRM Michael TaylorJuly 21, 2014

3 Must Use CRM Tactics

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3 Must Use CRM Tactics

CRM applications are important to the success and growth of any business. CRM tools organize data, integrate documents and communication, and ensure that you provide your customers with the best service possible. A CRM system is necessary to manage your prospects and customers and to maintaining  good customer relations.

According to Gartner Analysts: “CRM will be at the heart of digital initiatives in coming years. This is one technology area that will get funding because digital business is critical for companies to remain competitive.” 

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However, CRM is about more than just knowing information about your customers. CRM allows businesses to connect and build relationships with their customer base, according to Ramon Ray of CRM tactics should make a business work better and also, make your relationships with your customers stronger. The following are a list of tactics you can use to improve CRM in your business.


#1 Creating Personalization – Because Everybody Hates Receiving Invoices…

Personalizing your services for your client can keep them interested, but also makes them feel like you are striving to meet their needs. Personalization can be in regards to what kind of products or services your recommend for them or, something as simple, as how you send them an invoice. Personalization however, also demands creativity; Christopher Bucholtz of CRM Buyer recommends dividing customers into discrete groups with particular interests. Jeff Kear of PlanningPod blog suggests including a personal note with invoices. Everyone hates receiving an invoice, he states, including your clients. By including a small thank you note with the invoice you are not only making the experience feel personal, but showing the customer that they, and their business, are important to you.

#2 Don’t Just Go Social – Be Socially Diverse

Everywhere we look there’s some new form of social networking popping up. From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Vine, social media is an excellent tool for connecting directly with your customer base. When using social media, you must do so effectively; use social media to create buzz about new products and offers related to your business. According to Lisa Poulsen at BusinessBee, your best CRM practices should include bringing your clients and social media together at every possible opportunity.

#3 Don’t Just Say It. Be There for Your Customers  in Realtime. Use Technology to Mind the Gap

The best CRM practices focus on the client. Keep your client’s information up-to-date and find out what matters most to them and what keeps them interested. You can also use social media to learn new information about your client. Engaging with your customers also means thinking outside the box. As mentioned above, personalized emails and greetings can be effective. Online guidance and engagement platforms like WalkMe, which allows you to provide real-time guidance to assist users through an online process, also can be used to drive customers to action, increase cross-selling and up-selling based on each user’s preferences, and provide for an online experience that is personalized, simple and error-free. This allows you to connect with clients on a more personal level and also allows you to show your appreciation for their business.

Gartner analysts also offer a warning: Lack of a Clearly Defined CRM Strategy is the Biggest Threat to Successful Customer Initiatives.

If you work to ensure your customers are happy they will become your biggest supporters and as a result, reduce your overall sales costs. By personalizing your customer’s interactions with your business you will become memorable, and by taking advantage of new technology you will be able to create buzz for your business and connect with the client directly. Engaging with your customers not only gives you the opportunity to figure out what products or services might benefit them, but to find out what really matters to them. Using CRM data effectively will only strengthen your company’s presence in the business world.

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