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3 More Customer Service CRM Applications

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3 More Customer Service CRM Applications

This is a follow up article. I recommend reading our first article- 3 Best Customer Service CRM  Software to Consider.

CRM applications play a very important role in managing and carrying out an effective customer service strategy.

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Helping businesses understand the requirements of their customer groups and providing fast and clear response to them is the core of this approach. These methods are based on the information that companies collect from the customers using CRM technology. The use of inexpensive applications can help small businesses become more effective and as a result more profitable. Using this information to the company’s advantage will help build stronger relationships can between businesses and customers.

The data obtained using CRM software can be used to determine the requirements and behaviors of customers, so that businesses can provide an optimum level of customer service satisfaction. The main goals that can be achieved are: identifying ideal customers, managing marketing campaigns, achieving better response times and offering customer service to wider audiences while improving communication with clients.

Gartner Analysts are big believers in the kind of knowledge management you can get with a CRM: “Use knowledge management to support marketing and sales efforts. Knowledge delivered more speedily achieves two goals: It builds customer satisfaction and trust, and creates a time window to deliver a message about a new product or service.

The following 3 CRM applications are focused on customer service for improving the relationships between businesses and their clients:

Apptivo – Many Apps to Help Manage Your Business

Apptivo is a cloud-based suite of more than fifty applications for small businesses. Every application is designed for solving a specific small business issue. The suite can also address each business process. In a world in which small businesses can be overwhelmed by the costs of reliable software, Apptivo is an innovative solution that allows business owners, CRM managers, IT managers and customer service managers to access every useful tool from a single dashboard.

NexJ Systems – Providing an Integrated, People-Centered View of Customer Information

NextJ Systems is a next generation CRM that is meant to provide enterprise relationship management solutions. This platform can help businesses to establish strong, durable relationships with customers. It combines information obtained from different data stores and applications with the functionality of a CRM system to gather comprehensive customer knowledge within a business. Business owners will save a lot of time using this platform and make more money. The software also offers cloud-based solutions for financial services, insurance and the healthcare industry.

UserVoice– Feedback and Online Helpdesk Software

UserVoice is a CRM application that focuses on helping companies provide better service and feedback options to customers, for the purpose of improving the efforts of customer retention. UserVoice is a combination of tools for helpdesk support, self-service, surveys related to customer satisfaction, analytics and product feedback. The first goal is to help businesses respond faster to customer requests. This can be achieved by enhancing the agent desktop experience. This application not only tracks visitors, but it also answers any question that customers may have. It has multi-language support, social media integration, site embedding and provides a fun way of getting answers. UserVoice is a compelling platform that offers tools for businesses to answer to their customers and for gathering feedback related to new product ideas.

Using the SAP CRM system Coca-Cola was able to achieve their goal of customer focus. The CRM helps their existing processes and also improves their new customer satisfaction functions. Coca-Coola provides customer service not only through feedback, email and telephone, but also through monitoring and analytics. With this collaborative CRM, Coca Cola has provided efficient customer service and gained customer satisfaction.

Gartner Analyst Michael Maoz speaks about making the decision to choose a CRM: “Building a unified customer support interface with the right features (single view of the customer, including social media presence, business rules, next best action advise, multi-channel integration) for any but the most trivial of uses will reduce the “Choice” of vendor to one or none.”

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