CRM Michael TaylorMarch 12, 2014

The 3 Best Online CRM for Small Business Needs

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The 3 Best Online CRM for Small Business Needs

What is the best online crm for small business? That is not a very hard question to ask. Following a detailed statistical research of some of the online crm software systems, a list has been made available to help you. Before getting to discover those holding the weight on the list, it might help to understand what a crm software system exactly does.

For any business to thrive, the reception that the customers get is very key. A successful business always understands that it is the customer-value basis that keeps the clients streaming in. A customer that appreciates the services offered to them will always act as an investment to that business by spreading the word to the outside world. Before you know it, the clientele base stretches to more than you might have even anticipated.

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It is for this reason that most businesses have understood the importance of having a customer research management (CRM) software system. Businesses with this software are able to benefit from the relationships they build with their customers. With the rising demand for the software, this has left many software developers competing for ground in terms of who gets their product out there. It is for this reason that the following research has been done, to help you choose among the best online crm for small business.

While the list may go down to even 10, I will outline only three of them that you might consider:

1. Saleforce:

When it comes to managing on-demand customer relationships, salesforce cloud outshines its counterparts. Its system comes with a broad suite consisting of CRM applications. These applications go a long way in covering sales and support issues of small, mid-sized markets and large organizations. Its heritage is anchored on sales management though housing extra capabilities like: wealth management and financial services. Its outstretched capabilities have been seen to cover marketing automation, customer service and partner relationship management. All these functions work together in monitoring marketing campaigns, managing customer accounts, offering service post sale and tracking sales leads. Its social media application also allows for networking and collaboration across the various organizations. This goes a long way in even helping your institution understand what others regard of you.

2. TeamSupport:

The secret towards a successful support team for any business clientele is team work. TeamSupport is a customer support software system that promotes effective team work by eliminating miscommunication, enhancing customer communication and promptly addressing customer issues. It consists of basic features that are essential in ensuring effective team collaboration and delivering solid customer support. The ticket automation system allows for all clientele issues to be assigned tickets whenever they come in. This ensures that no customer issue is left out of the system. The business’ customer support team then takes over the issues by flagging them, dependent on similarities and urgency. The knowledge base tool later on suggests the available solutions to the client. This allows clients to feel appreciated and cared for.

3. Mhelpdesk:

When choosing the right online CRM software for your business, this is a perfect suite. With its friendly and affordable price, this software helps manage service requests, reports, billing and customer relationships. It is composed of multiple features to support a business that is field-service oriented. The intuitive interface is neatly laid out to allow for an easy learning experience. The seamless integration of the QuickBooks has allowed for speedy importation and exportation of data like billings. In terms of the billing cycle, it comes with a simple step-by-step guide to help in shortening and streamlining it. Being a web-based system, it is readily available on any internet-enabled, mobile devices. Field techs are therefore able to access relevant data while in the field, avoiding the time lost by them having to consult back at the office.

With these three software systems, you are guaranteed of having the best online crm for small business.